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Baling force:
160 tons

Diesel engine or electric motors

Fully automatic high speed cycles

Excellence and innovation

No doubt this the world’s fastest and most powerful scrap baler & car logger ever designed.

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Predator the Scrap baler and car logger per definition.

When it comes to high productivity requirements this is the only baler logger that will do the job.

With a logging or baling cycle of under a minute and enough power to baler and log two cars simultaneously there is no match for this this baler.

The power of the lids and the fast hydraulics assure productivity levels of up to 400 tons per day!

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Feature & Benefits

Diesel engine or electric motor.
Self-sufficient (D) vs. lowest running/maintenance cost (E).
Remote control.
Reduce operator cost by running the baler directly from the feeding crane.
Opposed baling rams.
Reduce cycle time.
Hydraulic lifting legs.
Maximum flexibility with the self loading legs.

Main Technical Equipment Specification

Baling Force: 160 tons.
Lid Force: 200 tons each.
Bale size: 1000 x 600 x Var.
Folding Box Length: 5 m (16.4 ft) or 6 m (19.7 ft) suited for longer materials or vehicles.


  • baler logger
    M-Generation Scrap Baler Logger
  • Two compression scrap press
    Two Compression Scrap Press
  • Three compression balers
    Three compression scrap balers

ELV Baler – The Predator scrap baler and car logger.

Is this the “holy grail” of balers? Not just looking for a good multi task scrap metal baler and a competitive price baler but you want something more? A baler that will exceed all others? .. then this baler/logger could be the machine for you.

Known as Lollini Al5000 and AL6000

The Predator car logger ( formerly known as AL5000 and AL6000 ) is the high point of baling design and functionality.
We give you our superior baler feeding box system so you can work, as you have always done with the AL5000 and AL6000 type system… to those of you who know, this machine is an old and reliable friend that will help you tackle your baling problems all day every day… for newcomers then it’s a baler that once tried you will never want to be without. Convert your scrap into bales seamlessly and without holdups watch as your scrap is pressed into a mountain of tidy bales. Tight for space? Too much scrap? Falling behind? Not anymore with Predator!

Many configuration possibilities.

The Predator car logger comes in many variations including, static, semi mobile or fully mobile baler, and you can choose from diesel baler or electric bailer with Predator Baler/Logger you get to choose. And once you have your Predator then you’re away with production including motor car baler / ELV baler more commonly known referred to as a car crusher / logger but if you are baling other materials no problem, ferrous bales and non ferrous bales are also part of this baler repertoire.

Your hunt for a baler ends here.

Get that baling job done with Predator Baler. Versatility allows you to tackle Elv bales and ferrous bales in general, as well as non-ferrous balers too! so whatever your need , just ELV logging or logs, ferrous bailes or non ferrous bales team up with this powerful scrap press and your baling business will benefit from it.. And you will love making bales with it!