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Inclined Scrap Shear

800 / 1.000 / 1.200 tons

Electric motors

fully automatic, continuous feed

Almost 300 cuts per hour!

There is no traditional scrap shear on the market that can beat that.

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Continuous feed, fully automatic inclined Monster shear

Achieve unparalleled productivity levels with these automatic shears with open box. Just keep feeding and the machine will do the rest.

The Monster scrap shears have been specifically designed for high volume bulky scrap processing.

With an inclined feed box wider than a trailer no preparation is necessary. These scrap monsters are able to shear high quantities of material. Preparation of long material is no longer needed. With the open box design just keep adding material into the box and let the machine process it automatically for you.

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Feature & Benefits

Electric motors.
Different configuration possibilities to match the performance you need.
Remote control.
Reduce operator cost by running the shear directly from the feeding crane.
Various shear forces.
Choose between 800, 1.000 and 1.200 tons based on your requirements.

Main Technical Equipment Specification

Shear force: 800/1.000/1.200  tons.
Hold down force: 165 tons.
Side compression: 2 x 165 tons.
Box design: Continuous feed, sloping box.


  • Hawk Inclined Shear
    HAWK Inclined Shear
  • M7-715
    M-Generation Shear/Baler/Logger
  • rail breaker
    Raptor Rail Breaker and Inclined Scrap Shear
  • HS Heavy Duty Shear/Baler
    HS Heavy duty shear/baler

There are two types of shears on the market.

One is a inclined scrap shear like the GPS Monster and the other is a press shear and baler/logger combined into one like the M generation and HS shear/baler systems from GPS.  Depending on what your processing needs are it may be necessary to buy a shear-baler but if all you need is to press and shear and don’t want to make bales, then the Monster guillotine shear could be the best choice.

So what’s the difference?

So what’s the difference between a traditional horizontal shear and an inclined scrap shear like the Monster, they both can process scrap but up until the point of shearing they work in a completely different way  To briefly explain and to make things clear, the traditional shear baler has a pressing box that makes a log which is then pushed to the pressing and cutting area..

The Monster inclined scrap shear has an open box at an angle that allows the scrap to slide down into the pressing and shearing area, note that the Monster has a vibrating slide which increases the sliding effect (gravity) and therefore reduces the height of the machine to make it easier to load scrap metal with standard scrap loader.

So where is the advantage? The inclined Monster press shear doesn’t waste time trying to make a log, once you start up this type of scrap processing machinery it goes into an auto cycle that allows you to simply place scrap on the slide ( which is an angled chute ) and the machine does the rest,  two side pressing wings concentrate the demolition power of the Monster to the final part of the box , this acts kind of lens focusing all the power in a small area, so where lids and wings give up.

The Monster inclined scrap shear advantage

The Monster guillotine press shear is just starting to get going.. You can also forget the costly maintenance of lids, wings and long hydraulic cylinders.  The important point is that the Monster system really works best with medium to heavy scrap, if you have this type of material then you can take advantages of almost 3 times the guillotine shear cuts per hour in a never ending cycle,  so you can process more, have more flexibility for the heavy scrap, reducing your gas cutting and save on maintenance… but all this all comes with a price.. no scrap bales….