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Baling force:
160 tons

Diesel engine or electric motors

Fully automatic cycles

Experience and innovation

Very versatile scrap baler & car or ELV logger can be used as stationary, semi-mobile or fully mobile unit.

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Versatile design and modular scrap baler for ELV logging and light scrap baling.

The M-Generation scrap baler and scrap logger feature several different options and configurations in order to guarantee the maximum possible flexibility.

The charging box features three! powerful rams per lid generating a staggering 200 tons of force on the lid and on the side compression lid. This is way more power than any other baler in this segment.

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Feature & Benefits

Diesel engine or electric motor.
Self-sufficient (D) vs. lowest running/maintenance cost (E).
Remote control.
Reduce operator cost by running the baler directly from the feeding crane.
Bale eject door.
Reduces cycle time.
Hydraulic lifting legs.
Maximum flexibility with the self loading legs.
Total mobility guaranteed.

Main Technical Equipment Specification

Baling Force: 160 tons.
Lid Force: 200 tons.
Bale size: 800/880 x 650 x Var.
Folding Box Length: 5 m (16.4 ft) or 6 m (19.7 ft) suited for longer materials or vehicles.


  • car logger
    Predator Car Baler/Logger
  • Two compression scrap press
    Two Compression Scrap Press
  • Three compression balers
    Three compression scrap balers

M Generation Baler Logger.

There is no doubt if you are looking for a good multi task scrap metal baler logger and a competitive price baler at the same time, then this bailer could be the machine for you.

Reliability and flexibility

The M Generation scrap baler series can be static, semi mobile or fully mobile bailer. You can choose from diesel engine baler or electric motor bailer option with our M Generation series bailers. Therefore the M Generation could be used as a car baler / ELV baler logger more commonly known referred to as a car crusher / logger. Also it can be used for many other baling tasks, from ferrous bales to non ferrous bales and much more besides. We give you our easy baler feeding box system so you can work seamlessly without holdups and watch you pile of bales grow and grow.

Clients who are hunting for balers for scrap, depending on the type of material they need to press can choose between two different machine box configurations. This is unique to GPS only because with us can you be are offered different balers based on the same baler project but each is is tuned to you. Therefore you can order a scrap baler that makes bales 800 x 650 x Var mm or you can opt for the bales to be 880 mm wide and this allows clients to use M-Generation scrap Baler/Logger for many tasks such as Elv bales and Ferrous bales in general.

These scrap balers can be used for production of Non-ferrous balers too!

We’re very proud of our M Baler because it can cover many aspects as needed on site, so whatever you are doing, just baling or ELV bales, ferrous bales or non ferrous bales we’re sure this scrap press is what you are looking for. And you’ll be baling at a full 200 tons force on the lids and well as having a choice to make a bale at full 160 tons of pusher force or make a soft bale more suitable for a shredder. The M generation baler logger will be a reliable work horse for you every step of the way!