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Inclined Rail Breaker and Foundry Grade Scrap Shear

400 tons

Diesel engine or electric motors

fully automatic, continuous feed

Rails, beams or pipes?

The RAPTOR will easily process your rails, long beams and pipes into foundry grade scrap.

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Continuous feed, fully automatic rail breaker and inclined foundry grade scrap shear.

The RAPTOR will easily process your rails, long beams and pipes into foundry grade scrap.

This unit has been designed to process long material into foundry grade scrap. As a result you will be eliminating all costly pre-processing with crane mounted shears or torch.

The Raptor’s main feature is the open box.

Load the open sloping box constantly while the machine runs its fully automatic shearing cycles.

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Feature & Benefits

Diesel engine or electric motor.
Self-sufficient (D) vs. lowest running/maintenance cost (E).
Remote control.
Reduce operator cost by running the shear directly from the feeding crane.
Different shearforces.
From 200 to 400 tons cutting force.

Main Technical Equipment Specification

Shear force: 200 | 400 tons.
Hold down force: 160 tons.
Box design: Continuous feed, sloping box.


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This is the new generation rail breaker.

The GPS Raptor is a highly efficient rail breaker and press shear because it has been designed to process at the lowest possible processing cost any scrap metal that comes in long and regular shape. The high efficiency of this guillotine shear is that it completely does away with any compaction of scrap in the feeding box. The feeding box is similar to our Monster inclined shear but with a reduced width and no side pressing wings.

Raptor rail breaker your gateway to foundry scrap

The cycle consists for two movements done using just two cylinders, hold down and guillotine so it is very quick, has no unnecessary moving parts which are superfluous when cutting long scrap like rails. Pipes, rolled products, extrusions of all types the list is endless. This guillotine is compact, could fit in your factory or production area without taking up space. Process scrap metal with this recycling machinery and transform it into high grade foundry scrap or cooling scrap. Both are sought after for their known quality.

The advantage of the Raptor Guillotine shear sometimes known as hydraulic shear as it really adds on just a fraction to the cost of the finished product. So by using the GPS Raptor shear you can process without feeling any rising costs that using a less suitable press shear or shear baler you would certainly force you to pay. Also the reduced footprint of this guillotine shear will help to free up space in your manufacturing facility taken up by piles of unprocessed scrap metal, and this is on top of saving you processing costs.

Rail breaker.

Another strong point of the raptor is that there is a configuration specifically to process rails. The Raptor is not only a guillotine shear it can also be ordered as a rail breaker too. So the advantages are all there on offer with Raptor guillotine shear, compact size, high efficiency processing, automatic cycle, low investment cost, lowest running cost and at the same time making the best quality foundry grade scrap or cooling scrap.

If you have long scrap and want to produce foundry grade scrap how can you afford to be without a raptor hydraulic shear?