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Three compression balers


Bale sizes:
from 25×25 cm (10x10in) to 50×50 cm (20×20 in)

Electric motors

Fully automatic cycles

High Speed – High Density

Semi or fully automatic balers for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap designed for very high productivity.

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High speed and high density scrap balers.

The three compression scrap balers have been designed to work in a scrap yard but can also be integrated in automobile or other stamping plants.

The final product of a scrap baler is a small but very dense bale suited for direct melting by foundries and steel mills.

The structure is very robust and the hydraulics allow for a very high performance

We adapt these machines specifically around customer requirements.

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Feature & Benefits

Left or right hand layout.
Designed around your specific needs.
High Productivity.
Depending on the installed power, bale production can be of 180 bales per hour!
Different wear plate profiles.
Anti jamming designs to prevent holdups and increase productivity.
These balers are easily integrated with existing conveying systems.

Main Technical Equipment Specification

Different Bale Sizes.
The bale size varies depending on the model :
30-3C: cm 30x30xVar (in 12x12xVar)
35-3C: cm 35x35xVar (in 14x14xVar)
40-3C: cm 40x40xVar (in 16x16xVar)
50-3C: cm 50x50xVar (in 20x20xVar)


  • baler logger
    M-Generation Scrap Baler Logger
  • car logger
    Predator Car Baler/Logger
  • Two compression scrap press
    Two Compression Scrap Press


GPS three compression scrap balers are fully automatic top of the range scrap processing machinery equal to the industries best. We designed our balers to press ferrous scrap and nonferrous scrap into high density bales for direct feed to furnaces.

We can offer any size bale ranging from 20 x 20  up to 60 x 60 cm or any combination bale size you may need. So if you need a 40 x 40 cm bale or 30 x 40 cm bale this is no problem for us. We build your machine to meet your requirements.  These scrap metal balers excel where there is any requirement to press higher value and quality scrap metals. Our balers process materials like copper, stainless steel or aluminum as well as high value ferrous too.

Three compression scrap balers for the scrap yard or factory floor?

The scrap balers is equally at home in your scrap yard or factory. Our three compression scrap balers have been designed to work in a scrap yard but can also be integrated in automobile or other stamping plants directly linked to your production line. In these cases you can automatically feed your valuable waste scrap metal straight into the scrap press baler and make your own production of neat tidy and regular size bales. You will free up valuable storage space for unpressed scrap metal and you will also be producing a high value and much sought after bailed scrap metal product.

Do you have a need to make scrap metal bales whether it is ferrous bales or non ferrous bales like copper bales or aluminium bales? Rest assured that the GPS three ram baler has a very robust design and structure. The hydraulics allow for a very high performance ratio of up to one bale per 20 seconds, meaning an unbeatable 180 bales per hour!  The final product is a small but very dense bale with sizes from cm 30x30xVar to cm 50x50xVar suited for direct use by foundries and steel mills.

All GPS three compression scrap balers are designed specifically around customer requirements and this is your guarantee that you will be manufacturing bales from your scrap copper, aluminium, stainless steel or ferrous steel  at the production rate you require and your finished scrap bale quality will be to the highest standards allowing you to send the bails to their destination at foundries or steel mills.