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Baling force:
140 tons

Electric motors

Fully automatic cycles

High speed and high density scrap balers

Semi or fully automatic balers for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap designed for high productivity.

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High speed and high density scrap balers.

The two compression scrap press has been designed to work in the rough environment of a scrap yard but can also be integrated in automobile or other stamping plants.

The structure is very robust and the hydraulics allow for a very high performance ratio.

The final product is suited for direct smelting foundries and steel mills.

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Feature & Benefits

Different liner design.
Use specific liners for the type of scrap your process.
These balers are easily integrated with existing conveying systems.
Bale eject slides. As long as required.

Main Technical Equipment Specification

Baling Force: 140 tons on the last compression.
Shearing Lid Force: 140 tons.
Bale Size: 400 x 300 x Var.
Dry Cycle Time: 30, 45, 60 sec per bale depening on installed power.


  • baler logger
    M-Generation Scrap Baler Logger
  • car logger
    Predator Car Baler/Logger
  • Three compression balers
    Three compression scrap balers


A scrap press produces the same high quality baled ferrous and baled nonferrous scrap metal bales as 3 ram balers.
So the question that remains is why do we at GPS still offer the two ram baler? Isn’t this a solution from the past? The answer is simple, “why pay for what you don’t need?” If you need to produce high density bales from non ferrous materials like aluminium or copper or stainless steel or bales from ferrous scrap metal and the scrap is of a small size suitable for the GPS two ram baler then you can save a lot on investment and running cost without changing the end result. You’ll still produce the same great looking scrap metal bales. They will have the same great quality high density bales too (as you would with the 3 compression baler). The big difference is that you only use 2 cylinders to do the job. A 2 compression high density scrap metal baler is much more efficient.

Two compression scrap press vs. 3 ram scrap press

Another important reason to install a 2 compression baler is that it can be located into a much smaller space. If you need to make bales and space is a problem then the optimised 2 compression high density baler could be a good solution. You can produce briquettes in a size range that goes from 20 x 20 cm to 40 x 40 cm bales. We can also give you combinations based on our briquette sizes, so for example you can produce copper bales or aluminium bales 20 x 30 cm or 30 x 40 cm. This is very useful if you have narrow furnace openings or a tight charging chute down or through which the high density bales must travel.

Another important feature is that the GPS high density two ram baler can be wired into your production line system. It can be furnished with an optional charging chute or a weighing hopper can be totally automatic. This means that during your working day the GPS 2 compression high density baler will be active only at the time you need it and during the low points in your production it goes into a sleep mode. It will reactivate itself upon the arrival of sufficient scrap to make another bale. This saves on energy and wear and tear on the GPS 2 compression baler increasing its useful service life by only operating when you need it.

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