Bologna - Italy
Where it all started.

A tribute to Ing. Alessandro Lollini. An excellent engineer and worldwide scrap processing innovator who inspired a generation.

Lollini International

In 1984 I read an ad of a company based in Bologna who was looking for someone to work as an office clerk at the sales office. The add said ” English language mandatory, second foreign language preferential”.
I went for the interview and thanks to my knowledge of 4 foreign languages i obtained the job. Little did I know that this would change my life forever.
In a few years’ time I became the sale manager and in 1997 I decided to move on with my career and set up Sierra Europe.
The year spent at Lollini International, working side by side with Mr.  Alessandro Lollini will never be forgotten.

Marco Garuti

From the underground balers to the innovative AL5000, the mobile baler which revolutionized the market.

For many years Lollini International has been a world-wide market leader, innovator and trendsetter. The company started off manufacturing huge oil storage tanks but converted its production to scrap processing equipment in the early 70’s after the first major oil crises.

In its history Lollini International has produced and shipped to all continents several thousands of balers. Late 80’s, early 90’s marked the top years for the company.

The major breakthrough came with the release of the mobile AL5000 baler in substitution of the MAX500 baler. The AL5000 was a planetary success.

The success was so staggering that it influenced most competitors who started to propose as well their balers in mobile version.

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The powerful box design of the AL5000 (now Predator) baler consists of three moving parts with a wide charging area.

Check out the new AL5000

The AL5000 is called Predator today.

It features improved hydraulics and way more power.

Thinking outside of the (charging) box!

The AL5000 was a huge success mainly due to its powerful and revolutionary box closing system. Unfortunately problems of financial nature and differences of opinion among the shareholders demanded their tolls on the daily operations. Wrong decisions were made. One of which saw the parts inventory reduced to zero in order to improve cash balances. This had immediate effect of potential customers who decided to make their purchases elsewhere.

This caused a huge image loss. The manufacturer of the most powerful baler lost credibility at the eyes of their customers.

The years to come saw the decline of what Mr. Lollini had built with so much sacrifice.

In 2001 the company was forced to shut down and went into liquidation. During that period a company with a very similar name started its activities in Romania. The market was led to believe that the company had simply moved to Romania. What happened in Romania in the decade to come ruined for everthe good name and standing the “original” Lollini company had built up.

New life to historic designs.

People that do great things often leave behind a legacy. That is also true for Ing. Lollini. G.P.S. now continues the production of part of the Lollini baler program. While keeping the kinematic of the AL5000 baler the hydraulics, electrics and electronics have undergone a complete makeover and brought to today’s standards.
You can find an example of the new AL5000 here: GPS Predator

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