G.P.S. offers a comprehensive line of scrap balers, scrap loggers and ELV loggers suited to meet the demand and requirements of today’s scrap processors.
From scrap baling of ELV, End of Life Vehicles, logging to light mixed scrap baling to baling of foundry grade scrap G.P.S. will always be able to recommend the proper recycling machines for you.

G.P.S.’s knowledge in the metal recycling and recycling industry assures you the best recycling systems available today.

Whether you need to process and bale ferrous or bale nonferrous scrap our scrap balers are up to the task!

Scrap Balers & Car Loggers

  • baler logger
    M-Generation Scrap Baler Logger
    Versatile and easy to move baler/loggers
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  • car logger
    Predator Car Baler/Logger
    World's fastest car Baler/Logger
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Two and Three Compression Balers

  • Two compression scrap press
    Two Compression Scrap Press
    Powerful and fast two compression balers
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  • Three compression balers
    Three compression scrap balers
    Powerful and fast three compression balers
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GPS Processing Solutions is your one stop shop if you are  looking for a good multi task scrap metal baler and a competitive priced baler at the same time. Our range of scrap processing machinery and recycling machinery goes from light scrap balers, to ELV balers, to fully automatic two or three compression balers for scrap yards or manufacturing plants.

Our scrap balers are suited for any kind of scrap and any kind of scrap yard environment.

Weather you need to produce a high density bale or a shredder log, we have the right tool for your scrap yard.

Our long lasting experience in the scrap recycling industry puts us in the position to advise you on the most suitable recycling machinery for your scrap yard.

Our balers will handle ferrous scrap as well as non ferrous scrap. They can be adapted to your operations weather you load the scrap with a scrap loader or an automated scrap conveying system.

Our production range includes mobile balers, semi mobile balers and stationary balers.

What kind of product do you need to bale? White goods, light mixed scrap, production rejects, cuttings, ELV, cars or automobiles? Ask us. We have the right scrap processing machinery for you.