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Why do we do it?

Marco Garuti

Pierluigi Sambolino


Sometimes I ask myself why I work in this industry. Let’s be honest, at a dinner party or social occasion, when I’m asked what I do, and I reply referring to scrap metal processing or scrap machinery, normally there aren’t any follow on questions, the conversation moves on to more interesting “other” things.

For some reason scrap is not generally interesting.

Why is selecting the right shear or shear baler such a difficult decision?

Marco Garuti

Why is selecting the right shear or shear/baler such a difficult decision?

The process of selecting the proper tool for your scrap processing necessities can be quite nerve breaking at times.

What type of scrap do you really need to process? What kind of finished product are you expecting to obtain? Do you need to shear scrap only or occasionally you will want also to bale or log scrap? These are the key questions you should focus on. Ideally you would like the equipment to process everything but  keep in mind that this might be quite uneconomical for you.